Illustration inspired by the music Viva la Vida vol.01

When I see coldplay very first time, it was 9years ago on the TV. I still remember that I could not really move when I was watching Chris singing Yellow on the shore. And since I met Coldplay I mostly decided the aim of my life. When I was uni student, I loved (and still do!) UK music so much and listening to them everyday. You know even though our language and culture is very different but sometimes music comes straight into one's heart. At that time I started to desire very strongly, just like you guys, I also wanted to express some of my feeling by using colours. Because I cannot use any instruments.

The world of coldplay is very pure, sensitive, quiet and very refined, and is very very warm. I strongly desired to draw the pictures similar to those worlds. That is why your music is my aim.

When I started this career, it was fresh start of my life, although I was really worried about that. Your music always made me calmed and that made me consider again from the beginning and remind me I just need to aim your world.

I am an illustrator who is very much inspired by coldplay music, and changed the direction of life

I love the trees, that's why I draw them in many pictures repeatedly. For me, coldplay is just like the tree. They have a strong roots holding a huge tree quietly.
No matter it is a good thing or bad thing, that tree always accept it. 

I wish coldplays songs r bringevery body in the world peace and happiness,

viva la vidaviva la vidaviva la vidaviva la vidaviva la vidaviva la vida